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What can Testosterone do for me?

What can

What can testosterone do for me?

There are beneficial sexual, physiologic, and cognitive effects. Replacing low levels to the normal range gives men energy, improves sex drive, stimulates bone and muscle growth, helps weight loss, helps ward off diabetes and heart disease, and improves memory and mental acuity. See “why testosterone.”

What about men with a history of prostate cancer?

SmarTest™ also has a High Risk program for patients who have traditionally been considered non-candidates for testosterone replacement since testosterone historically was associated with the growth of prostate cancer. Recent evidence based peer review research data has shown that these “high-risk” patients can receive male hormones if given with “caution.” The SmarTest™ High Risk program embodies this cautionary approach to hormone replacement.


What about other hormones?

Many patients are also evaluated for thyroid deficiencies which can contribute to weakness and fatigue. Select patients also may be candidates for Human Growth Hormone treatment.

How do I know if my testosterone is low?

You may take a simple 10 question test and see if you score in the Testosterone deficiency zone. Generally, patients with low testosterone will often complain of fatigue, sexual difficulties, penile shrinkage, and mood swings. A simple blood test will confirm the diagnosis.

Fatigue and sexual problems are common. How common is it to actually be low in testosterone, especially if men are only in their 40’s or 50’s?

It is now becoming quite common to identify low testosterone in patients that traditionally were considered unlikely to have this problem. Hormones in our food supply, water sources, and the environment contribute to low male hormone levels. Medical problems such as obesity and some prostate cancer treatments can also lead to low male hormone levels. There are many possible contributing factors. However, once identified, the problem is relatively simple to fix.

How is testosterone replaced?

Many forms of replacement are available including: gels, injections, pellets, and specially compounded Bio-identical testosterone which is custom prepared for each patient based on the individual patient’s needs. Treatment often makes a dramatic difference in patient’s sense of well being a relatively short time.

Is testosterone a drug with many side effects?

This hormone is not a foreign drug. It is what the body makes naturally and has failed to do so. Replacement of testosterone into the normal range has few side effects and these are explained by Dr. Lander in the consultation. When used properly, testosterone is safe.


Can’t any doctor prescribe testosterone?

It is important to recognize the value of having a Board Certified Urologist with more than 20 years experience replacing male hormones and treating prostate disease directing your custom testosterone treatment program. This is especially important for High Risk patients. Many healthcare providers will either decline these patients access to testosterone or provide it without intense selection and surveillance. The patients selected for the SmarTestâ„¢ High Risk program undergo detailed analysis of any prior prostate cancer treatment and then ongoing focused exams, review of urologic indicators, and individualized risk factor evaluation by the urologist who is the only clinician with a thorough understanding of how and when to use complicated diagnostic tests that may even include biopsy or special imaging studies.

How much does it cost and does insurance cover it?

Unfortunately insurance companies do not recognize the value of this level of customized care. Office visits are priced very reasonably. Costs for labs and medications may vary but are also quite reasonable and these are often covered by insurance. Our office can discuss financial arrangements when consultations are scheduled.

Does Dr. Lander have to take over the role of my Urologist or other doctors?

Absolutely not! This program can be integrated with other medical and hormone replacement programs and Dr. Lander can collaborate with any other physicians involved to synergize a team approach.

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