Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Lander is the Co-Medical Director of California Stem Cell Treatment Center® and the Cell Surgical Network™ which is an international research collaboration dedicated to the investigational use of adult mesenchymal stem cells The focus of the research effort is to use regenerative cells from one’s own body to provide relief for patients suffering from a number of advanced degenerative diseases including ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION (ED)

Early in 2019, Dr. Lander published the largest peer reviewed series in the world on the use of fat derived stem cells from your own body combined with shock wave technology to improve human erectile dysfunction ED (Lander and Berman, J Stem Cell Res Ther 2018, 8:9. (See link to pdf). Over two thirds of the patients had a favorable response using the research protocol.

Dr. Lander and Dr. Berman have the privilege of teaching regenerative medicine all over the world and this results in a cross pollination of medical knowledge.

While teaching recently in Dubai, the collaborating regenerative medicine teams there shared their data on ED demonstrating what appears to be superior results (88.5% of the Dubai patients reported improvement) to what we have been getting here using our current protocol. (See link to pdf). The Dubai doctors were injecting into the penis a highly concentrated blood product (concentrated PRP made of signaling molecules and some peripheral blood mesenchymal stem cells).

Dr. Lander is launching a pilot series of a limited number of patients to see if we can reproduce these results and to determine if the Dubai method of treating ED may be superior to our traditional stem cell protocol.

The new Dubai protocol is a combination of shock wave (painless) and highly concentrated plasma drawn from a vein in the arm. This is a patient funded investigative study currently recruiting patients with age related vascular or diabetic causes of ED. If you are interested, please call our center at 760-346-0145 to find out if you are eligible.


  • SHOCK WAVE TECHNOLOGY –Provides deep tissue energy that creates a controlled micro-trauma that may signal stem cells to repair microvasculature with new healthy blood vessels.
  • STROMAL VASCULAR FRACTION – Contains adult stem cells and growth factors (signaling molecules) derived from fat tissue. This may provide regenerative effects on the abnormal corporal blood vessels.
  • PLATELET RICH PLASMA PRP–Contains additional enriching growth factors (signaling molecules) which are obtained from a person’s own blood that is processed with a centrifuge. It can be highly concentrated using a special centrifuge device for certain conditions.


To learn more about our protocols please see our stem cell revolution website:

Call Dr. Lander to learn more at 760-776-0040

This treatment is investigational and is not FDA approved for erectile dysfunction.

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