Prostate Cancer Patients

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Patients


Testosterone Replacement in high Risk Men


If you have been told you have prostate cancer, you have probably been denied access to male hormone supplementation for life. In view of the dramatic benefits of testosterone replacement in men who need it, this denial has been re-evaluated by science and you may be surprised at what we have learned.

Male hormone levels decline as men age. Many men experience this even in their thirties and forties. As levels drop, men start to notice symptoms like loss of strength, muscle mass, weight gain, fatigue, loss of sexual interest and erections, and men complain that they “just don’t feel the way they used to,”. Many men who have been treated for prostate cancer suffer from the effects of low Testosterone and yet have been told by their physicians that they are not candidates for replacement because of their medical history, depriving them of the many well known benefits of testosterone supplementation such as increased energy, lean muscle mass, bone density, endurance, libido, cardiac health, and mental acuity.

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