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PlasmaKinetic PK Transurethral Resection of the Prostate

PlasmaKinetic PK

PlasmaKinetic PK Transurethral Resection of the Prostate

Dr. Lander has extensive experience with PK Turp and was one of the pioneers in the use of this technology. Outcomes are excellent and this technology is superior to any form of laser prostate operation in almost any category.

The PK TURP procedure

A resectoscope is placed into the urethra to view and access the prostate. A loop-shaped instrument is inserted through the resectoscope that, when activated, quickly and smoothly vaporizes and cuts the enlarged prostate tissue away, simultaneously sealing the remaining healthy tissue. The result is a clear, open prostate and instant relief to your troublesome symptoms. The surgical time depends upon the size of the prostate, the amount to be removed and the surgeon’s technique. The PKâ„¢ TURP procedure can often be performed in less than 60 minutes and the procedure is minor and similar to an office based therapy.

Will I experience side effects?

Dr. Lander will explain your personal risk of side effects based on your individual case, however, the PKâ„¢ TURP procedure minimizes the side effects in comparison with conventional monopolar TURP procedures and other available treatments such as green light or holmium laser resulting in:

  • Same day procedure
  • Minimal post-operative discomfort
  • Significantly reduced catheterization time
  • Faster recovery with fewer complications
  • Immediate, long lasting results
  • Elimination of the need for BPH medication
  • Erectile dysfunction is comparable to microwave technology (<5%).
  • Incontinence and urethra strictures reported in over 2500 patients are half that of traditional monopolar TURP

How it works

PK technology uses Bi-polar electric current to cut through prostate tissue. A plasma corona is generated around the loop such that tissue molecules entering this highly energized field are vaporized creating a cutting effect. The PK waveform has been tuned to enable concomitant hemostasis (control of bleeding) during resection. When retraction of the loop is done at the appropriate speed, sufficient thermal energy remains on the tissue to enable coagulation of capillary bleeders (Figure 3). The effect gives clear, hemostatic resection but is sufficiently shallow to prevent post operative irritative symptoms observed with laser technologies.

PK TURP utilizes Advanced Bipolar design that incorporates the active and return poles on the same electrode (Figure 1) rather than the patient return pad used in traditional Monopolar TURP.


Comparison to other technologies


*AUA Practice Guidelines Committee: AUA Guideline on Management of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (2003). Chapter 1: Diagnosis and Treatment Recommendation. J Urol 170: 530-547, 2003

**Data on these newer technologies appears inconclusive and may also increase complications for patients receiving BPH medications.

TURP Instructions


PK® TURP means PlasmaKinetic® transurethral resection of the prostate. This is considered the gold standard treatment for enlargement of the prostate. During this one hour operation, the center core of the prostate is removed through the urethra. This allows free passage of urine out of the bladder to improve symptoms of urinary obstruction. The procedure requires general or spinal anesthesia, but post operative discomfort is quite minor.

Before surgery, you must stop all blood thinning medication for one week. These include Aspirin, Vitamin E, Motrin, Advil, Naprosyn, Coumadin, Ticlid, Plavix, Ibuprofen, Alka-Seltzer, and Alleve.

No food or water is allowed after midnight before surgery. Any medications allowed by your doctor may be taken with a small sip of water on the morning of the surgery.

Surgery occasionally requires an overnight stay in the hospital. A catheter is placed at the time of surgery and removed in the office. You will be taught how to manage the Catheter and tubing before you leave the surgery facility.

After the surgery, you will receive a prescription for antibiotics and for stool softener. It is vital to avoid constipation. Milk of magnesia can be added to the regimen for additional effect.

Additional Instructions

  • Do not drive for one week
  • Do not lift heavy (greater than 20 lbs.) objects or strain for one week
  • Abstain from ejaculation for 2 weeks

It is normal to pass occasional blood clots and see some blood in the urine for the first four weeks. Severe bleeding or fever (temp. greater than 100) should be reported to the doctor. Burning and frequency are expected for one or two weeks, but should be reported to Dr. Lander at the post operative visit. This visit will be scheduled shortly after Catheter removal.


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