Progenitor stem cells have been used for a variety of medical treatments to repair and regenerate acute and chronically damaged tissues. Stem cell treatments have traditionally been associated with the controversial use of embryonic cells. Some overseas centers are using bone marrow derived stem cells, which can be removed from the pelvis and then cultured to increase cell count to a therapeutic range. recent technological breakthrough enables us to now use stem cells from a person’s own fat which is easily available from liposuction and contains cell quantities up to 3000 times those seen in bone marrow. These cells have the potential to repair human tissue by forming cells of mesenchymal origin, such as cartilage, bone, fat, muscle and blood vessels.

Using technology developed in Korea and perfected in California, these autologous (your own) fat stem cells from liposuction are processed in a closed system so that no dangerous additives or bio hazardous products are added and there is no exposure to the environment maintaining strict sterility. The liposuction fat provides us with SVF STROMAL VASCULAR FRACTION which contains adult stem cells and growth factors for signaling. Once SVF is injected back into the patient, the healing cells seek out the sites of damage and disease and become activated. We have anecdotal and experimental evidence that stem cell therapy is effective in healing and regeneration and seeks out damaged tissues to form new blood vessels and healthy tissue. Processing and deployment of adipose derived stem cells represents a new surgical technology that allows patients to receive their own autologous stem cells in an outpatient setting using local anesthetic.

Dr. Lander is the Co-Medical Director of California Stem Cell Treatment Center® and the Cell surgical Network™ which is an international research collaboration dedicated to the investigational use of adult mesenchymal stem cells found in fat tissue. The goal of the project is to use regenerative cells from one’s own body to provide relief for patients suffering from certain degenerative diseases (including Peyronies Disease) that have been resistant to common modalities of treatment.

In 2016, Dr. Lander published his pilot study that was used to evaluate safety and subjective outcomes in a small series of Peyronies disease patients using a combination of autologous stromal vascular fraction (SVF)  and penile shock wave treatments. (Click Here to View Publication)

Different Techniques

Platelet Rich Plasma

Contains additional enriching growth factors (signaling molecules) which are obtained from a person's own blood that is processed with a centrifuge.

Shock Wave Technology

Provides deep tissue energy that breaks up the Peyronies Plaque.

Stromal Vascular Fraction

Contains adult stem cells and growth factors (signaling molecules) derived from fat tissue. This may provide anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects on the abnormal corporal tissue.

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