Balance bio-identical hormone regeneration is a special program designed by Dr. Lander who has 25 years of experience in replacing man and women’s hormones. We focus on replacement when needed and ideally regeneration when possible to help the body make its own natural hormones. When replacement is required, we emphasize bio-identical hormones that are exactly what the body makes genetically and naturally, rather than hormones that are modified as a pharmaceutical.

Menopause can creep up silently or may be very sudden such as after hysterectomy. Hormonal imbalance can significantly impact your ability to enjoy youthful aging and vigorous health.

Bio-Identical Hormone Regeneration for Women
  • Are you feeling fatigue or experiencing difficulty losing weight?
  • Have you felt depressed or had mood swings?
  • Are you having trouble dealing with menopausal changes?
  • What about difficulty concentrating and remembering?
  • Does your skin have less elesticity than it used to?
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Bio-Identical Hormone Regeneration for Men
  • Are you feeling fatigue or experiencing difficulty losing weight?
  • Have you felt depressed or had mood swings?
  • Is your sex drive decreased and erection quality diminished?
  • What about difficulty with concentration, focus and multi-tasking?
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Men naturally go through a decline in hormone production in midlife. This is called Andropause. Sometimes it is quite dramatic and can result in a sexual decline and significant detrimental changes to your health and body. Perhaps you have seen ads on tlevision for “low T” and your recognize many of the symptoms?

When your Testosterone declines, you may experience changes in your sports performance, muscle mass and body composition (weight gain around the middle and over the chest area). Many symptoms that are commonly ignored or treated with pharamceuticals are actually related to the changes we begin to experience due to hormonal imbalances associated with normal aging. That’s where age management medicine steps in and helps patients achieve their health goals in a natural way.

“Low T” is also common in patients with obesity, diabetes and other chronic illnesses, chronic pain and chronic stress.

The hormone system is a complex network: Changing one hormone affects all the others so the regeneration program must be methodical and comprehensive. Often several hormones must be restored.

Methods Of Male Hormone Replacement

We have specially compounded bio-identical testosterone creams using the latest technology (Sindi) to provide steady absorption and distribution for optimal effects. These creams can be compounded specially with other ingredients based on individual needs such as preventing conversion into other hormones or preserving testicular volume.

Pellts are compressed bio-identical hormones intosmall cynlinders than can be concealed under the skin. The pellets are placed under the skin in a brief office procedure associated with minimal discomfort. The pellets are produced under sterile manufacturing conditions by a top quality compounding pharmacy and are custom ordered for strength and quantity for each individual patient. Not everyone absorbs and metabolizes the pellets at the same rate and individual variations must be accounted for in dose planning. Success with pellet therapy requires a fundamental knowledge of dosing and the various insertion methods. Pellets are placed in different positions in men vs. women utolizing basic differences in men’s and women’s bodies, making sure that they do not interferewith any daily activities. Patients report that pellets inserted under the skin maintain the highest steady state levels with maximum convenience, requiring re-insertion a few times per year.

Testosterone pills can be safe if they are manufactured a special wy to avoid absorption into the liver. Our patients have access to special oral testosterone pills that avoid liver toxicity and can be very convenient for daily use.

Injections can be either given at our office or we can train our patients to do their own convenient self injections.


Bio-identical hormones replacement is natural and very safe if supervised carefully. Normal levels of hormones in both women and men associated with mental, sexual, and physiologic effects that are vital to good health and quality of life. These are the exact same compounds your body would be making naturally under optimal functioning conditions.
Most women need a healthy balance of estrogen of estrogen, progesterone, and even testosterone. Symptoms in both men and women who lack adequate hormones may include weight gain, mood swings, lack of energy, osteoporosis, loss of muscle, skin elasticity and changes in mental acuity. Women may complain of decreased libido, vaginal dryness, bladder irritability, and hot flashes. Man need adequate levels of testosterone for energy, to maintain muscle and bone, and to function sexually.
Testosterone is not just a male hormone. It is naturally produced in small amounts by women and is necessary for bone density, healthy skin elasticity, cardiac health, energy and the development of lean muscle mass. Testosterone can help stabilize mood and can improve memory. Testosterone is an important hormone for libido in both women and men. Women’s testosterone levels should be approximately one tenth of the levels found in men.
It is important to identify other hormonal imbalances such as pituitary, thyroid or adrenal stress related hormones to optimize a person’s well-being. Hormones can influence each other and the same hormone can have different effects on different parts of the body. A simple blood test can help sort out the situation and lays the foundation for a replacement plan that makes good medical sense and gets results.

Hormones can be replaced with biologically identical agents that can be given either as a compounded daily cream, a slow release system consisting of injected pellets placed under the skin every few months, or oral pills, and also injections in some cases.

Treatment often makes a dramatic difference very early on in a person’s sense of wellbeing. The effects of the hormonal regeneration program are optimized when combined with good nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.
Unfortunately insurance companies do not recognize the value of this level of customized care. Patient fees include medications, evaluation, monitoring of progress and ongoing surveillance. Our office can discuss financial arrangements when consultations are scheduled.
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