Using technology developed in Korea and perfected in California, Dr. Lander focuses all
investigative studies and treatments on autologous (your own) fat derived stem cells.
These cells are from liposuction and are isolated in a closed bedside system so that no
dangerous additives or bio-hazardous products are added and there is no exposure to
the environment maintaining strict sterility. The liposuction fat is separated and later
discarded leaving behind the cellular product known as STROMAL VASCULAR
FRACTION SVF which contains adult stem cells and natural growth factors for

Once SVF is injected back into a patient, the healing cells seek out the sites of damage
and disease and become activated to initiate healing. We have anecdotal and
experimental evidence that stem cell therapy is effective in healing and regeneration
and seeks out damaged tissues to influence accelerated healing and form new blood
vessels. Bedside operating room processing and deployment of adipose derived stem
cells represents a new surgical technology that allows patients to receive their own
autologous stem cells in an outpatient setting using local anesthetic.

Many physicians are using bone marrow derived stem cells for repair and regeneration.
This has been met with less regulatory issues than using fat but the bone marrow
derived cells have been proven to be older (longer telomeres), less plentiful by over
100X, and much less robust when grown in a lab or subjected to activation to turn the
cells on. (Burrows Paper).
Another popular technology is the use of stem cells derived from “birth products” which
includes placenta, umbilical and amniotic tissues. These are widely touted as “younger”
that your own cells although there is no documented proof that they have longer
telomeres than fat derived cells. They are easy to obtain from laboratories and widely
available commercially. It is important for people to understand that these are NOT your
own cells and contain other people’s DNA. There are unknown long term risks
associated with getting large doses of other people’s cells. Only your own cells can
have NO immune effect and No risk of transmission of disease from a donor.

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