Low Intensity shock wave has been used for both erectile dysfunction and
Peyronies (penile scarring) conditions since the early 2000’s. The same type of
acoustical energy used historically at much higher intensity revolutionized
submarine warfare in the 1960’s and then later kidney stone treatment in the

The latest technology involves the use of small handheld devices that generate
low energy waves that are focused just beyond the tip of the device, allowing the
device to introduce vibrational energy into deep tissues. Shock waves appear to
stimulate new blood vessel formation and the technology is getting increasing
attention in the world of cardiology and urology for cardiac and also penile

Dr. Lander has been using shock wave technology for over 3 decades in his work
and research. The low intensity shock wave technology can even be used to re-
create a model for concussion in animals in a humane and reliably accurate and
reproducible way. Concussion research has been slowed by inadequate models
for animal research. Dr. Lander holds the patent for this particular use.
Applications in urology are very significant since the vibration created by the
energy waves at the cellular level create tiny “sheer forces” which stimulates local
resident stem cells in the tissue to “activate” and start building new healthy blood
vessels. Ther are many trials ongoing for ED but definitive answers as to efficacy
remain elusive. One problem is that so many studies are ongoing with different
devices and different power settings and treatment intervals, making it difficult to
draw firm conclusions on the best protocols. Although many questions about ED
treatment with shock wave, the literature seems to support using a short series of
shocks (sometimes repeated after a rest interval) and using relatively low energy
levels and slightly high frequencies for the device settings. Dr. Lander has been
using this technology for nearly 10 years and the therapy can be combined with
stem cells and also stem cell signaling therapies (such as exosomes or PRP).
Dr. Lander is also using shock wave technology for cases of Peyronies penile
scarring in combination with stem cells and cell signal therapies. Again, low
energy applications are potentially helpful to help break down scars and assist
with tissue healing in an attempt to achieve straightening of the penis.

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