Many men have sought treatment for various urologic conditions but also want to address the universal human condition of aging which is a consequence of cellular degeneration. Dr. Lander is involved in research projects studying the use of autologous fat derived stem cells to mitigate various degenerative diseases associated with aging and to determine if cell therapy can impact human frailty (as a proxy for aging). It is not yet known definitively whether cell therapy can change the aging process, but there appears to be some promising early indications that stem cells could be used clinically for prevention (avoiding chronic conditions) as well as intervention (treating acute conditions).

Many patients who are seen for erectile dysfunction ED treatments or other urologic problems have concomitant systemic intravenous infusions of high numbers of stem cells in addition to targeting tissues with local injections. We have seen no serious complications related to intravenous injections in over 13,000 patients in our research group that have received systemic infusions of their own stem cells. Regenerative medicine using cell therapy may someday soon become the standard for holistic health treatments as we address aging and other chronic disease conditions in a new way.

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