Lately, modern medical care is increasingly based on the use of industrially produced prescription medications to treat symptoms. Large pharmacology companies have come to dominate the field of medicine and drive doctors and patients into a drug model focused on using pharmaceuticals to “fix” any malady. Many of the conditions and issues we deal with in urology can be effectively dealt with using combinations of natural herbal remedies which have actually become quite sophisticated and tend to have much less dangerous side effects than manufactured drugs. On the other hand, we must be mindful that herbal remedies are often made from the same plant sources as medications and can have some deleterious side effects if used improperly. Also, the quality and purity of many supplements is very variable and it is vital to rely only on quality sources and manufacturers.

For this reason, Dr. Lander has chosen to work with only the top and very best supplement companies such as Human which makes Neo40 nitric oxide tablets and Androgenomics which specializes in the highest quality supplements for men. Androgenomics was founded by board certified urologists to meet the needs of men who are knowledgeable about supplements and understand men’s health unique needs such as avoiding the use of soy related products (a plant
based estrogen) since such widely used ingredients are actually deleterious for men.

Dr. Lander is actively involved in the development of new Androgenomics products. The company has recently released Androburst which optimizes testosterone levels in men by controlling both the amount and type of serum estrogen (which is naturally formed from testosterone in men’s bodies but is potentially harmful). Before the end of 2020, Androgenomics will also release AndroZinc which is a very high quality Zinc supplement. Zinc is used to naturally suppress viral replication and support the immune system. There is also a soy-free prostate enlargement BPH supplement and an erectile dysfunction ED supplement in the Androgenomics pipeline. Click on the supplement for product information to see if it fits your needs. Androburst to maintain healthy Testosterone levels
AndroZinc for immune support.